Looks like we made it


Seven years ago, on this day, against the wishes of a lot of people, I married you.They said we would never make it. They said we wouldn’t go far.

But I knew you. That you are kind even when others are unkind to you. That your love has no conditions attached. That your trust is complete and your friendship is unwavering.

That you will forgive my gravest errors and still give me the freedom to make them. And most importantly, you will put me first. Always.

Tonight we found a quiet spot among the mountains and we looked up. The Milky Way stretched out as if to welcome us with a carpet of diamonds on a rich velvet sky. Surrounded by a million stars bearing frail witness to our fragile lives, our small loves, I became certain that if there is heaven on earth, it is here and in this moment.

I looked up at the constellations winking at me playfully and realized that they have been conspiring all along. To bring me to you, to make me happy.

Happy Lunar New Year!!


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CNY blog

The lunar new year is the best time in Singapore. It’s busy but beautiful. There are pretty lights everywhere. Things slow down while everyone prepares for the festivities and the weather is so amazing. Every time the lunar new year rolls around I discover some new food that I fall in love with. This year it’s been the cream filled “love letters”.

We are taking a vacation using the long weekend and going to Australia tonight. I can’t wait to met our friends and family there. My brother’s new baby is waiting :)

To all you beautiful people, may this new year bring you lots of luck and prosperity. Gong xi fa cai!

Bath Bomb


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Ok, first, the Lush bath bombs are insanely good.

Next, I have had an epiphany. After a week or so of being unwell and out of sorts, I met Ashleigh. The coffee and wine aside, just hanging out with someone funny who also gets my funny was better than therapy. I also had the most amazing weekend (I probably don’t catalog the good times on Facebook as much as other people) because I felt like something heavy had lifted.

It could just be that my sinuses had cleared after two weeks. Or, it could also be that I was thankful to God for raining good people in my life.

So the epiphany was this. I am happy. And I think that this is a 100% true: “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

PS: In the sidebar, there is now a “BUY MY WORKS” link. Some of my illustrations are available as prints there. Its FREE Shipping within Singapore. And about the pieces that are not there, I am working on getting a vendor. As soon as that happens I’ll let you know.

Me and You, Just us Two


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The waves are erasing the footprints/ Of those who are walking the beach.

The wind is carrying away the words/ Two people are saying to each other.

But still they are walking the beach/ Their feet making new footprints.

Still the two are walking together/ Finding new words.

— Kemal Ozer

Days like these


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depression blog

There are days when my bed is an island — surrounded by murky stormy waters and dark thunderclouds. Stepping off this island doesn’t feel safe. Not even to open the curtains and let in some light. Not even to eat the leftover chicken in the fridge. Not to speak to mother or answer the door.

There’s nothing to do but sleep, waiting for the storm to blow over.

Rainbow without rain


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Can you be heartbroken and hopeful at the same time?

The Magical Ang Mo




Ang Mo.

Two magic words that will get you the job you don’t deserve, the better apartment, that sea view table at the restaurant, and local women, who will drop it like it’s hot, for your dull but very white presence.

*Ang Mo in Singapore means a Caucasian person.

New Baby


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family drawing

Our good friends had the most perfect little baby girl a few months ago. It’s such a joy to watch them watch her grow. Every day is a new adventure.

We are mosaics


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exotic w text

Inspired by Tarun Khiwal’s fashion photography. Micron pen and watercolor on paper.

Happy Place


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It doesn’t take much for me to create my happy place.

Books. Good coffee or tea. Baked goods. And Lola.

It takes even less for Lola. She just needs a soft spot for her bum.

Have a good weekend, everyone :)

There’s Nowhere to Grow But Up


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It still feels like 1999 was yesterday. I finished high school and everyone was really concerned that the Y2K virus was going to end the world.

When I was in Calcutta for the holidays, my friends and I visited a bar we used to go to. Then someone said, remember? smoking was allowed here.

Of course I acted like I had no recollection of that time, seeing as it made me feel ancient. My other friends fell a bit silent too, as if trying hard to remember.

Then someone finally said it, we are THAT old?? It was a question, but no one answered it. We then ate our body weight in food and left.

You are


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This year has been a ride. It has been difficult in bits but it has also brought in new beginnings. This year I grew to accept a whole new country as home. I met people who befriended me and I can finally say that I don’t just have acquaintances in this city, but real friends who I will always carry in my heart.

Trying to keep up with last year’s resolution, I tried to change myself. I tried to be more measured, more afraid of people, more cynical. But that didn’t work out. Because when I look at my life and find so many people who love me, I can’t help but throw caution to the wind.

I started this blog when I was feeling displaced and alone, when I was trying to cope with a loss of identity. When I felt like I was drowning, it saved me.

I am going home tonight for the holidays, so this is my last post for the year. Thank you for staying with me. You truly are ‘my sun, my moon, and all my stars’.

A Sock Story


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I am going home for Christmas and New Year, which means I am packing for winter. I need just two pairs of clean socks, but no.

Despite my best efforts, my socks have gone through what I assume is a bad break-up (‘cuz one of them has left forever), when I wasn’t looking. I try so hard to make them stay friends. I wash them together, I even tie them together. But I guess my socks are secretly loners.

So I have decided to just wear them singly, ‘cuz if they want to be alone so badly, who am I to say anything.

Je ne sais quoi


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maillustration final

My Ma is dusky. And if you’re Asian you know we really hate that shit. If you are light skinned, you’re beautiful. If not, tough luck.

My grandparents were very middle class, hard working people who gave their daughter a certain sensibility about life, but not too many fancy things. So she never ever wore any makeup other than a little kohl in her eyes and much later in life, when she gave up the kohl, some lipstick.

But, defying all that is traditionally beautiful, Ma was considered by many as having a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. May be it was the thick black hair, or the dreamy eyes, or the beautiful singing voice, or the fact that she writes poetry. I don’t know.


This picture of her, which has recently surfaced on the Internet thanks to someone from my extended family posting a lot of old photos, was taken at my grandparents’ home, in the late 70s. The photograph was used to find her a match in an arranged marriage. After seeing this photo, a very rich man came to see her for his son. He had assumed from the photo that she was very fancy and stylish, and perhaps from a higher economic status than she was in reality.

He later said no to the arrangement, because, “kalo”. As in, dark-skinned.

Well, thank god, because that’s why I have my Baba :))

High Fashion at Low Prices


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After searching high and low for a dramatic kimono, I finally found the most awesome, leather trimmed, black and white kimono, with a vintage rose print – at zalora.com. I wear it with my denims, or a jersey maxi or a long black skirt and tank. It adds just the right amount of glam to an an otherwise meh outfit. I especially love that it was super cheap.

PS: Zalora did not pay me to do this post. I just love my new kimono so much that I drew a picture of me in it, at the park, in my floral headband from Lovisa — another great shop for jewelry and headbands. If you want to see the actual kimono, message me and I’ll be happy to share the link with you :)


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