Singapore Girls

Before I came to Singapore my makeup routine was:
1. wash face
2. put kohl on my eyes
3. lipbalm

Girls here in Singa are so well put together, their makeup is nothing short of art. Even at the mall or the supermarket, Singapore girls have their makeup done oh so perfectly.

Plus, Singapore has SO many cosmetics shops and makeup stores. When I left India, there wasn’t even a Sephora where makeup novices like me could get a helping hand. Thankfully, the beauty girls here are always willing to help you learn how to apply the right makeup for your face. Besides, if you don’t have flawless skin and stunning features, walking out in Singapore bare-faced will make you feel like a clay-footed monster.

A few weeks after I landed, my skin broke out into a million angry red zits, which have left really ugly scars too. I would wake up in he morning, forgetting what has happened to my face and then look at the mirror and my stomach would sink. I did not have zits as a teenager and now this explosion of red, blotchy, painful zits all over my face at 30.

Of course I want to cover it all up before I leave the house. Enter, miracles like concealer and super well-matched foundation in powder and lotion form.
Plus the Japansese and Korean stuff available in Singapore is AH-MAAAZING!!

I now have things called Pore Putty, Skinfood, Water something…and for the first time in my life, I have a full palette of eye shadow colors. šŸ˜€