Japanese Cheesecake

Singapore was hiding this cheesecake from me and as it turns out, a lot of other people. People who have been living here for years never bought this poor-looking rich cake because it looks exactly like a vanilla sponge.

The Japanese cheesecake is a cloud of cottony, light burst of deliciousness in your mouth. Slicing this cake, you can hear the knife going through the air bubbles. It’s flour-less and has very little sugar and is a calorie monster. But it’s disguised as something so delicate and light that you might forget that every spoonful is the caloric equivalent of one entire meal.

In fact, this cheesecake has changed my life. I now eat massive portions of this cheesecake without the slightest guilt that I would feel when eating the western kind. This solidifies my belief that the orient makes everything a bit better.

You can learn how to make it at home, here.

Or you can just buy a box at all Breadtalk, Icing Room, or Fair Price outlets for 8-12 Singapore dollars.