Asian Girls are Sexy

People are always wondering why the whole world just wants to get with Asian women. Let me correct that, southeast Asian women.

Well, because they are hot. Women in Singapore look like nothing, not the heat or sweat or mid-morning rain, can touch them. Their skin is the color and texture of butter, their hair is never frizzy and man, are they thin!
There’s a woman in my building who has three children. The last one was born in April. And if you looked at her, you would think she sneezed out those babies. Besides, they are also fucking limber, as I discovered during my yoga class. And while I look like an oil-fried piece of turd when I sweat, Asian women glitter. They must be the only race on the planet who look good sweaty.
Good lord, if I was batting for the other team, I would want them too.