This year in Calcutta, something ridiculous happened. I saw my art work, Durga hanging on massive celebratory and promotional banners at different parts of South Kolkata. Turns out some advertising agency has stolen my art and decided to serve their clients without my permission.

I had painted this in 2011 and published it online on my web shop at Society6.com. All my work is copyrighted under the creative commons law and every single website where my works sell, comes with the warning that the material cannot be reproduced without permission. They knew what they were doing. They even cropped out my signature at the bottom of the image.

Ok, so I have seen Chinese websites selling my art work. Heck I have even seen my work in malls in Singapore, all stolen art. I am usually too short on time and energy to pursue these things, but this was too much. It’s also sad that this happened in my city, in Calcutta. So far I have only served a notice to N G Medicare, a rather posh healthcare clinic in Calcutta, urging them to reveal the name of the ad agency. They are the only people who had the banner within their premises, the others were just hanging at various places.
SO depressed and I feel that in the end I won’t be able to do shit about this, because I am not in Calcutta, because I am not super well connected, because I am not a very important person with endless resources. But this time, I will definitely sue.