Shameless Self Promotion

But then, who else is going to do it.

If you like my work here, (my International Women’s Day illustration is particularly popular), and want to buy a print or a tote bag or a cushion cover with these illustrations, then you get a $5 discount and free shipping to ANYWHERE in the WORLD if you follow my promo link,

which is : http://society6.com/Sree?promo=ab6032

Also, I have news. My art is now available as a whole line of homedecor products at KessInhouse. Go to my page and click on the pillows to view the entire collection. This stuff is on a huge sale, too.

I promise, it’s turned out good.

And as always, if you want custom art or prints or if u r living in Singapore, you can always reach out to me personally via my about page 😀