Singapore Hair Syndrome

I don’t know if I told you, but I recently fell victim to what I call SHS (Singapore Hair Syndrome).
Every time I went to a salon, the hairstylists would comment on how very curly and frizzy my hair was and how much it needed treatment. Ok, so I know my hair did get frizzy beyond acceptable limits due to the humidity here. But, I didn’t want to lose my crazy hair. So, I resisted.
Then my hairstylist promised he had a magic hair treatment which will keep my hair curly and make it smooth and non-frizzy. I wanted to jump for joy and sing from rooftops that this hair miracle was going to finally happen. So I did it. And now I have Singaporean hair. Smooth, limp, small.

To make matters worse, after the treatment, the curls have gone along with the frizz and my hairstylist then said I have ‘too heavy hair” and he needed to make it less so. At this point I violently attacked him (with words) explaining as best as I could the politics of good hair and how as an Indian person, I like my hair big and voluminous and with a lot of va va voom . Then I left the salon and was just getting used to my four strands of hair when my friend Meghna came to visit with her massive tight curls and head full of va va voom. And then I was back to missing my crazy hair.

Though I have to say I am grateful for the ‘treatment’ when it rains.