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This year has been a ride. It has been difficult in bits but it has also brought in new beginnings. This year I grew to accept a whole new country as home. I met people who befriended me and I can finally say that I don’t just have acquaintances in this city, but real friends who I will always carry in my heart.

Trying to keep up with last year’s resolution, I tried to change myself. I tried to be more measured, more afraid of people, more cynical. But that didn’t work out. Because when I look at my life and find so many people who love me, I can’t help but throw caution to the wind.

I started this blog when I was feeling displaced and alone, when I was trying to cope with a loss of identity. When I felt like I was drowning, it saved me.

I am going home tonight for the holidays, so this is my last post for the year. Thank you for staying with me. You truly are ‘my sun, my moon, and all my stars’.