Seven years ago, on this day, against the wishes of a lot of people, I married you.They said we would never make it. They said we wouldn’t go far.

But I knew you. That you are kind even when others are unkind to you. That your love has no conditions attached. That your trust is complete and your friendship is unwavering.

That you will forgive my gravest errors and still give me the freedom to make them. And most importantly, you will put me first. Always.

Tonight we found a quiet spot among the mountains and we looked up. The Milky Way stretched out as if to welcome us with a carpet of diamonds on a rich velvet sky. Surrounded by a million stars bearing frail witness to our fragile lives, our small loves, I became certain that if there is heaven on earth, it is here and in this moment.

I looked up at the constellations winking at me playfully and realized that they have been conspiring all along. To bring me to you, to make me happy.