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feeling good blog

Back from my travel to Australia, which is a ridiculously beautiful country. Literally, the photos need no filters.

Friends and family pampered us no end with lunches and dinners and pretty presents all over the place. We were like Hollywood celebrities, leaving the airport at various cities in our big ass sunglasses and being scooped up by friends in their huge cars – no taxi queues.

The food in Australia was outstanding no matter where we were. So was the coffee. And the wine. And the beer.

We slept for 18 hours last night and this morning was all about swaying my hips to Nina Simone, while I made my coffee and looked through the hundreds of photos I took.

PS: There’s a new BUY MY WORKS button to the right side bar of the blog where you can, you guessed it, buy my works. Also, some changes to the Sketchbook Store page, so go check that out if you have time 🙂