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A friend who lives in Sydney told us we must visit “The Grounds” for brunch. So we did.

Built on a repurposed industrial compound, The Grounds of Alexandria is a eatery, bakery, produce market, flower shop and farm — all rolled into one mega cafe.

They have a small farm section with hens and goats, which means adorable human babies petting adorable goat babies — hours of fun for me. You can then choose to sit out at the pergola in their magical garden with flowers,  fountains, and fairy lights. Or you could sit in the overcrowded main section and order a breakfast board (average) and artisanal coffee (absolutely divine). Across the cafe is Garlands, a flower shop selling just-cut flowers, some of which come in strange psychedelic colors. A few steps behind that is a produce stall, where you can buy fresh handmade pasta, cheese, meats and some very expensive Himalayan rock salt. Bare, minimal industrial space covered with lots of green and flowers – it’s all very beautiful.

We went on a week day and the place was full to the gills with very stylish people and a lot of hipsters. I am never clear on this cultural phenomenon being Indian and all, but guessing by the number of flowing kimonos, geometric jewelry and wide brimmed hats, I might be right.