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husna by piyush mishra

1947 saw arbitrary borders being drawn across one nation, slicing the heart of an entire people in two, forever. Just like the Syrian people, families from both sides of the border left behind everything they considered home – to stay alive, to be forever estranged from their loved ones,  and to forever remain a foreigner in one’s own home. On the way, both sides killed, raped and tortured each other – like a man who tears out his own hair in anger and despair, wounding himself to alleviate the pain.

On one such dark night, a young man whose true love, Husna, has stayed behind in Pakistan, writes a letter that will never reach her. But he imagines that they are both looking into the same moonless sky and his words will find her. Broken and bitter, he asks if, now that there were two nations, does the sunrise look different in Hindustan? Do leaves in autumn no longer change colour in Pakistan? Does Pakistan also silently weep at night for all the lost loves, just like Hindustan? He lost Husna and she him, so who really won in this war?

O Husna
Lahore ke uss
Pehle jile ke
Do pargana mein pahunche
Resham gali ki
Dooje kuche ke
Chauthe makaan mein pahunche
Aur kehte hai jisko
Dooja mulk uss
Pakistan mein pahunche
Likhta hun khat mein
Hindustan se Pehlu e Husna mein pahunche
O Husna
Main to hun baitha
O Husna meri
Yaadon purani mein khoya
Main to hun baitha
O Husna meri
Yaadon purani mein khoya
Pal pal ko ginta
Pal pal ko chunta
Beeti kahani mein khoya
Patte jab jhadte Hindustan mein
Yaadien tumhari ye bolein
Hota ujala, Hindustan mein, batein tumhari ye bolein
O Husnaa meri yeh to batado
Hota hai aisa kya
Uss gulistan mein
Rehti ho nanhee kabutar see gum tum jahaan
O Husna
Patte kya jhadte hain
Pakistan mein
Vaise hi jaise jhadte yahaan
O Husna
Hota ujala kya vaisa hi hai
Jaisa hota Hindustan mein haan
O Husna
Woh heeron ke ranjhe
Ke nagmein mujhko
Ab tak aa aake sataien
Woh Bulley Shah ki
Takriro ki, jheene jheene saaye
Woh Id ki iddi
Lambi namazey
Seyvaiyon ki jhaale
Woh Diwali key diye sang mein
Baisakhi ke badal
Holi ki woh lakdi jinmein
Sang sang aanch lagai
Lohdi ka woh dhuan jis mein
Dhadkhan hai sulgai
 O Husna meri ye toh batado
Lohdi ka dhuan kya ab bhi nikalta hai
Jaisa nilkalta tha uss daur mein vahaan
O Husna
Dhuan mein gulstan yeh barbaad ho raha hai
Ik rang sya kaala, ejad ho raha hai
Ke heeron ke ranjhon ke
Nagmein kya ab bhi
Sune jaate hai haan vahaan
O Husna
Aur rota hai raaton mein Pakistan
kya vaise hi jaise Hindustan
O Husna

PS: If you don’t read Urdu or Hindi, I am sorry but I don’t think I can do justice to the translation for this one. But you can listen to the song here.