Printed Silk Exotic Garden Blog

Right now, in parts of the world, it’s winter and its snowy and it’s white and that’s beautiful. But you know what’s also crazy beautiful? This island of eternal summer 🙂

This abstract watercolour takes inspiration from tropical flowers, the kind that come in blinding colours, flamboyant and a little bit shameless. And as much as we Asians fetishize pastel pink peonies or soft lavender hydrangeas, when I need a cheer I always turn to marigolds and fuchsia orchids.

As in the other two of my watercolour abstract art series, this one too comes as an art print and products.  AAAnd if you use this link, you get 20% off on everything and the shipping is free to anywhere in the world. I personally want this printed in yards of silk and then wrap myself in it. What?! A girl can dream.