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It all started with these trees outside our terrace. It used to be filled with tiny bright green leaves. But over the winter rains, it has now grown into a canopy of green made up of perfectly symmetrical sprigs of perfectly shaped leaves. Of course, I have been itching to draw it.

One afternoon, I was sitting outside and I casually tried to draw a single branch with my pentel black ink brushpen. Then I figured that dipping the pen in water makes the ink softer which can help me achieve a kind of glazing technique to create overlaps. Now, if you’ve had formal training or are taking classes, this may sound laughable to you. But for me, this was a total revelation.

brushpen leaves

This revelation has led to a full-on brushpen madness. Based on my casual sketch, I am now working on a painting of the trees. Hopefully, I’ll get to post that soon.

P.S. Does anyone know what these trees are called?