Hi, I am Sreetama Ray! I am a trailing spouse, living the life of a first-time expat in sunny Singapore. This blog is my sketchbook diary where, every day, I will post one small sketch about my life.

My life is about love, hate, small quarrels and petty jealousies. It’s about identity, loneliness and the idea of “home”. It’s not always poetic, but at all times, it’s completely honest.


55 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your blog is such a nice place to be in! Your works are so cute! Thanks a lot for dropping by mine! Lots of love from sunny Philippines! 🙂

  2. Glad to virtually meet you 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your sketches.

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Now I discovered yours! Lovely illustrations and writing style.

  4. Love your sketches and stories.

    Keep going!

  5. Hey there, thanks for liking my post – such a nice start to the day to get inspired by someone else’s lovely drawings. I have to pull myself away now to get some proper work done! boohoo!

  6. I just saw your blog. I love your drawing! Are so colorfull!!! Beautiful work!

  7. claradoodles said:

    Hello, I jumped over here all excited, because as a newbie blogger, you liked my sketch! (gosh that sounds vaguely stalkerish, sorry!) anyway I am so glad to see such an honest and colourful blog, with lovely sketches. I’m going to walk along with you for a while on this blogging journey. 😀 from Scotland, UK

  8. This blog is amazing what the hell. Make a book I bet you’d do great. 🙂

  9. Dear Sreetama,

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    We quite enjoy your blog about living in Singapore, it is very interesting and informative. Would it be possible to interview you to further share some of your tips and feature some of your first hand experience as an Expat and your interview will be published on our Expat Interview section as a guide for our expat readers. The questions are mainly about the day to day lifestyle of an expat. If it would be possible, could you also send some photographs that we can use?
    Of course, if you accept, we can add a link to your blog or some of your website.
    The questions are enclosed, feel free to respond freely. You can return the doc with your answers if you accept this invitation.
    Thanks in advance and do let me know if you prefer other means to conduct this interview and we would be happy to accommodate your terms.

    Best regards,

  10. Peace! Thank you for visiting our blog and liking our post. You are very creative and you have an interesting blog. God bless you!

  11. I love how you use color!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

  12. tigrowna said:

    i like your blog a lot 🙂

  13. Love your sketchbook, and your artworks are ‘wow’!

  14. Love your “about” statement! Good luck!!

  15. Loving your colourful artwork 🙂

  16. perahucadik said:

    Hi Mate. Thank You For The Follow Back ^_^

  17. Hi Sreetama…chanced upon your blog while trawling the blogsphere and glad I did. Love your drawings…esp the one one The Green Door. I am an indian expat too…living in South Africa! Look fwd to reading more of your life’s sketches.

  18. Likewise Sreetama….I love your blog and sketches….truly! So glad to be following your blog and adventures 🙂

  19. rachelvater said:

    Just found your blog and i’ve loved having a look through all of your drawings and written work. The only thing I can say is that it has really struck a chord with me.
    Look forward to your next post and all the best to you. x

    • Rachel, you can’t believe how happy this makes me. Waking up on a rainy monday morning to your kind words is pure sunshine. Thank you so so much 🙂
      I was looking at your awesome blog and LOVED your sketchbook entry. You are so talented!

  20. A delightful blog and sketchbook!

  21. Hi there 🙂 I’m glad I found your blog and I hope you’re enjoying my home country (Sg) so far. I’m currently living in Australia so it’s really nice to read about your experiences of Singapore – it’s like discovering my home all over again. Oh and of course I like your sketches very much too! I’ll be dropping in often!

  22. Welcome Friday and the weekend….
    I have to let you know that I’ve nominated you for Wonderful Team member Readership Award,
    See link for more information:
    Thank you for being such a wonderful Team member all these while..

  23. Hello thesketchbookproject,
    thank you for stopping by my blog earlier on.. I see you are in Singapore..Welcome to this part of Asia.and I love your art work.. 😉 they are awesome…
    have a lovely day ahead.. hope to see you around in blogging world.

  24. Chin up, things will get better yet.

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