If you want to reach out to me for anything, you can pin it tweet it , facebook it.

Or, you can email me about commissions and what have you, at

6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my paintings!
    Am I following you correctly now? I swore I clicked it twice before, but I still have the “follow” option showing by your name. My apologies, this is new to me :-/

    • Oh oh. I think i know what happened! You may have clicked on the follow button on the right which is a follow by email option.

      The blog follow button shud be right under my use ID or on the top left of the blog page. i think. But you’re right. the follow thing isn’t showing up, so it still appears that you aren’t following this blog. hope this helps!

    • are you kidding? no thanks necessary! you are amazingly talented!!
      I think you are following the blog already, no? I am not very good at this either :/

  2. Mr. Perfect said:

    I need that same copyrighted work info that you have on the right side, what code do I need to copy…because the thieves are lurking…as you already know.

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