Flowers in Singapore


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Flower Shop

Before we moved to Singapore, we always had fresh seasonal flowers at home. Something about them really elevates my mood after a long day at work.

After we moved here, for the first few months I tried to keep this up. But fresh flowers in Singapore are hella expensive! They’re mostly hothouse type flowers, which aren’t particularly fragrant. Also, having been in a fridge for days before they actually hit the shops, they die rather quickly after you bring them home. 

So, that’s something I miss, apart from having four seasons, winter clothes, and parties by the bonfire.

Self Love


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girl with flowers

Once when I was running,

from all that haunted me;

to the dark I was succumbing –

to what hurt unbearably.

Searching for the one thing,

that would set my sad soul free.

In time I stumbled upon it,

an inner calm and peace;

and now I am beginning,

to see and to believe,

into who I am becoming –

and all I’ve yet to be.

-Lang Leav

Of flowers and birds


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girl in a floral dress and bird

Your head is a living forest

full of song birds.

e. e. cummings

A Singapore Summer


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“I stepped from plank to plank

so slow and cautiously;

the stars about my head I felt,

about my feet the sea.”

— Emily Dickinson


If you think I will be the dark sky


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warsan shire poetry

Fine Ass Girl


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Spectacular Ass in Jeans

I was in New York recently, and somewhere on Chelsea a man looked at me and muttered “You a fine ass woman”.

Oddly, I kind of liked it. Because in Singapore no one, absolutely no one makes lewd remarks at women (or maybe just me). And because in India, when men cat call it’s usually accompanied by rape-y vibes.


How to beat the blues


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girl with cat illustration

If you’re blue, just drape a warm and fuzzy animal on your person. One of two things will happen: said animal will ignore you, then scratch you real hard if they don’t want to be used as a scarf.Or, said animal will lick your face and give you affection if they don’t mind being used as a scarf.

Either way, you will be distracted from your blueness and feel much better.

Illustrated Flowers


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Flower Illustration blog

My mum-in-law came to visit us and gave me a small set of six  aqua painter pens by Micador. The description says they have the texture and opacity of acrylic ink (true) and can be diluted to get transparency like watercolor (not true). Anyhoo, I’ve been experimenting with them on my little Japanese moleskine and they’re quite wonderful. I just doodled these flowers freehand and then went over some bits with the black hightech-point V7. I love how bright and crazy they turned out, like some exotic greenhouse which exists only in my imagination.



Singapore Street Fashion – 3


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men's fashion

Singapore men’s street fashion usually comprises shorts and a tshirt, though not many shy away from color. Or, sports wear.

On the other end of the spectrum are men like these two dapper gentlemen seen on Orchard Road, the fashion mecca of our little island. A bit weather inappropriate, but I am sure they were indoors where the air conditioning was super strong. And that amount of gel in hair conveys a serious dedication to looking good.

They did look good, like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine, or were hipsters who had very rich parents.. Like they were super into themselves.

Watercolor Leaves


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watercolor palm leaves illustration

Yes, it’s as boring as it sounds.

Literally, a few leaves. My body is so tired I cannot think straight, let alone paint. All the weekends are flying by, the work week is hectic, every other week family is coming over from India to stay with us (not that I don’t enjoy this) and I have started taking some fitness classes. So this kind of uninspiring practice type work, sans stories, is all I have for now.

Black ink flower 


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So, a little blob of ink turned into a flower when I wasn’t paying attention. I haven’t had too much time on my hands and I was feeling so guilty for not practicing; then this happened 🙂 It turned out a lot like one of my favorite flowers, which only grow in my beloved home town. Sheuli flowers, which fall from the tall gangly trees and carpet the grass beneath in a layer of in pristine white, dotted with a tiny orange center. Everything about these flowers is pleasant. The way they look – so small but so perfectly formed; the way they smell – like a fresh dewy morning; the time of year when they bloom – the start of autumn when early mornings are marked by soft light and a little nip in the air. 

Pentel Brushpen


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So this is the sprig of leaves I had drawn freehand, with my new love – the pentel ink brushpen.

Sketchbook has been coming along a tad slow due to a bunch of reasons.

I was a bit unwell, my parents were visiting and I’ve just been super busy overall. But more frequent uploads from now on, promise.


Spring In Singapore


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Watercolor Leaves and Flowers Pattern - blog

The weather’s been unexpectedly good in Singapore the last couple of days. It’s wet weather but breezy and cooler than the usual soul sucking heat and humidity that we usually have all year round. Hence this little spring-inspired pattern, using some cool new watercolor techniques I have learnt via my awesome teacher, the Internet. I’m also trying out ink as a sole medium, but more on that later. And because I am in love with this cheery little pattern, I’ll make home decor products in this print and share the link soon.

On a side note, I went to watch How to be Single because I love Rebel Wilson. She had a tiny unidimensional role in it, the movie was a string of regressive cliches and just sucked in a way I did not expect it to.

Singapore Street Fashion 2


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Singapore Street Style Blog

Sunglasses and branded handbags s are really big in Singapore. Almost everyone has a designer handbag, from Tory Burch to Chanel (some are fake, but really good fakes). I hear that people take out credit card loans to buy the latest Chanel ‘boy bag’ or a Prada ‘top handle’for work. Not that I understand this behavior, but mad props for commitment to fashion, I guess.

And the ladies can somehow, always, balance the line between cutesy and cool. This isn’t your usual Kawaii fashion. Even with bunny ears on their head, Singapore girls look kind of hot. And even in goth outfits and vintage sunnies, they look kind of cute.

Singapore Street Fashion


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Singapore Street Fashion - 1

Singapore is super fashionable, though a tad predictable sometimes. Thankfully, the island is such a mishmash of nationalities that if you go the right parts of the city, you get to see some great fashion outside of the usual branded bores. I tend to lean toward the eclectic dressers, mixing high end with street cool, designer sunglasses with rainbow hair, etc.  I also love Korean fashion in all sorts of drapey, futuristic shapes. And as in the illustration above, my absolute fave is Japanese street style in Singapore. Their use of color, personal style choices, quirky accessories and shoes make them stand out among a sea of short shorts and LV Neverfull bags. Japanese men too wear the best suits and their hair is always on point. The only trend I have a little trouble getting behind is the ultra dramatic fake lashes.