It’s been so long because I was in a really bad way the past fortnight or so. I had a nasty throat and chest infection, which I ignored for a week, after which it got so bad that I had to go to the hospital. At the hospital, which is more an expensive private healthcare place, there was a lot of bumbling, which led to a lot of blood and tears, literally. Its astounding how much ineptness all that money can buy.
But after many many many antibiotic tablets, it’s better now.

My friends called and/or came over and my family and rather large extended family was very concerned of course, but I knew I had true love when my mild mannered husband force-fed me medicines and endured the sight of sputtering blood, just so I could get better.

Who needs flowers and diamonds? Tell me all the ick-inducing things you have done for love , or any story you have, really. It will make me feel good 🙂