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I am not even a little bit ashamed to say that while most people indulge in a bubble tea once a week, I have a medium size milk oolong every day. I mean, what’s not to love about bubble tea?

So here’s a short guide to black milk bubble tea in Singapore.

Gong Cha: It’s everywhere, but the tea doesn’t have as much flavor and the bubbles are often a bit too toothsome for my taste

Cup Walker: Gives you a generous helping of bubbles but the tea is soo watery

Artease: Good because they are open till late at night, but even at no sugar, the tea is too sweet. Don’t know how

Hipo: Plain horrid

Koi Cafe: My absolute favorite. I order it with no sugar, no ice, but cold. The oolong is robust, the milk is just the right amount of creamy and the bubbles are AMAZING! Golden, soft and chewy and smaller in size than all the other ones. Almost like sago. I love these guys so much I will take the train to a Koi cafe outlet, even tho I have a bubble tea place right next to my house.

Does anyone have suggestions of other places I can try?